• Do you like Espresso and milk? We can do that!
  • Quinoa Salad: There are avocados in there too!
  • Sweets, from everyday standards to specials of the day.
  • Boynton-McKay is the place to meet and eat in Camden, Maine.
  • Can you tell this was taken on April Fool's day? We can!
  • A variety of hot sauces to choose from is a Boynton-McKay tradition
  • our new seating area is more diverse to fit the needs of our customers
  • We're right on Camden's Main Street (which is only two blocks long, so we're easy to find!)
  • A sub-sized brisket sandwich. Boom. You're welcome.
  • Our world-famous Wavos Rancheros. And yes, we know that's not how it's spelled.
  • Buttermilk pancakes with real maple syrup. Blueberries? Sure, why not.

Great Food • Great Coffee • Great Atmosphere

BX9A4667bBoynton-McKay Food Co. on Main St. in Camden, Maine: custom remedies for “what ails ya” since 1893. (food since 1999)

We serve:

We serve Breakfast all day and our American menu has something for everyone; there are quesadillas, Buttermilk pancakes, salads and three soups a day. We offer multiple vegetarian options and can help you find a gluten-free option on our menu to enjoy.

Handy tip regarding seating: If you come in on a busy day and there are no seats available, don’t despair! Our tables turn over quickly and usually by the time your order is ready, a booth or window seats will be open. On really busy days, Brian and his staff keep track of who is waiting for a table and will seat you quickly.


In the spring of 2010 Food Network Magazine took a cross-country road-trip in search of the ultimate breakfast. Who made the best breakfast in Maine? Boynton-McKay Food Co. of course! Check it out here.

“The lunch you want is at the Boynton-McKay Food Company”
– Paul Schneider, New York Times Travel Section, Sept. 3, 2004